Tips You Should Know To Save Money on Rental Cars

Renting a car be an annoying, confusing and even expensive task. Renting a car definitely means you want go somewhere and want to spend your cash over there, but a part of it is spent on this rental service. There is not any alternative to this other than using your own car, but one thing for sure we are able to do. That is to try to save as much as possible on this service. Following are the tips for doing so:

·        Avoid Insurance

There are very rare chances that you me encounter any loss to the vehicle you rent. So why extra money for the fear of what is very rare? Avoiding insurance option will slash a part of your cost to save money.

·        Say Bye to GPS

Of course you will need navigation to make your trip but the GPS service available with the car rental service the only option? I am not telling you to turn to old age maps for navigation, but simply, take out your smartphone and use its GPS for navigation. Data package for sure, will cost you less than the car rental service will cost you, moreover, there are offline navigation maps available which you can use for free.

·        Compare different services

Not one, but there will be number of car rental services available, offering you different cost. Always and search and compare to get the most useful and cheapest service. There are so many websites on the internet to this thing for you.

Technology Innovations to make travelling less stressful

The modern world has been progressed so much that one can be in touch with other people within a second by the help of internet. The internet has helped massively to everyone for being in touch with the world in every second of their life. Technology has been innovated in such a way that there are various applications which help to look for different hotels, restaurants, guide for a new location and many facilities like this. This kind of facilities like reserving the hotels in advance and guide to different locations makes one’s travelling less stressful.

Nobody wants to get bored or frustrated on their journey. It doesn’t matter whether the destination is new to the passenger or he is regular in his journey to that particular place. Everyone wants a complete comfort and smooth journey to their destination. For that, technology has played its role in such a way that there are a number of various applications and websites which helps to find new locations, complete travel guide to your particular destination and several embedded websites have integrated the sites of hotel reservation as well. These are to entertain the travelers so that they don’t have to browse on various sites so that they get a complete package on a single page.


Applications available on the smartphones are very much helpful in this case. They keep you on your track if you have set it before your journey. These applications enable us to search and select the various locations for our tour and they also show the best hotels and restaurants to spend the time. These all kind of applications and websites keep you in touch with the world and makes the travelling less stressful.

Should You Prepay your Car Rental service Or Not?

Car rental services have not one but many options to get rent from you. One will ask you for the payment at the time of time reservation while other one at the end. Some even offers a part of payment to be made before and remaining after rental. Prepaid car rental services are being more common nowadays, but are they good for your or not? Let me tell you.

The reason why prepaid car services are being common is that they get less no-show rate. One who ask for a limo service from car rental is only 30% likely to show up. It is not good for you if your plans are not fixed, but if you are sure of renting then prepaying for your airport limo is a good option for number of reasons.

·        Discount Offers

The car rental services who gives you choice to pay now or pay later, gives you 10 – 25 percent discount if you pay now. Opaque websites which offers to rent you limo services on up-front payment are way cheaper than those who gives you option to pay later.

·        Cancel Reservations

Prepaying for your airport limo doesn’t mean that you have to show up anyhow or you will lose all of your payment. There is always an option available to cancel your reservation. It will cost you some percent of your fee but is a good option.

·        Fixed Rates

Once you prepaid for the rental it will not be increased if rates of the services increases after your prepayment. Same will be the case if it decreases but it can be gamble. So prepay now and forget the rates.