Travelling mobile apps, you should have before journey

In the modern era, everyone is having their life in hands or in their pockets. Yes, I am talking about the smartphones which have overcome everything on the board. The modern smartphones contain such applications which are very much helpful for humans and their planning.  For example the travel guides, online maps and reservation apps as well.

Smartphones are replacing guide books and maps and have provided them in the cellphones in the form of applications. This is just possible with the power of the internet. There are many applications by which one’s having them in his/her phone will not be lost during travelling. They are many helpful during travelling such as by using their location those apps can inform them about the weather conditions, about the possible short route to their destination, available hotels and classic restaurants where they would like to dine in. These apps help to reserve your hotel on the way if you forgot to book them before your journey.

Useful Applications:

Below are listed some useful travelling applications which one should have before their journey.

  1. Tripit:

This application helps you to plan and reserve your bookings and sync that information to your calendar so that you cannot forget your journey on that particular day. This also works when you are offline.

  1. Packing Pro:

It’s a perfect application for couples, families and friends going out for a hangout. This apps enables to create list for day trips, camping, road trips etc. and allows you to sync them your device and you can share it with others as well

Some other applications are XE currency, city mapper, parkopedia and lounge buddy.